Course: VR Expeditions
Google Expedition - US Monuments

  • 6-6 grade
  • Beginner

Lesson Description:

This expedition goes over US monuments it has 6 scenes:
Scene 1: The  Lincoln Memorial
Scene 2: Mount Rushmore
Scene 3: The Statue of Liberty
Scene 4: The Washington Monument
Scene 5: The top of the Washington Monument
Scene 6: The gateway arch

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Lesson Modules

Teaching Tips:

Do some online research to answer this question: Who were the Piccirlli brothers

Which presidents have monuments dedicated to them? Why?

What happened to Lincoln's plans for welcoming the seceded states back into the Union?

Teaching Tips:

The text says that Mount rushmore was"... the brainchlid of one man, Gutzon Bordglum..." Use context cllues nd word parts to define the word brainchild.

How was the massive sculpture at Mount Rushmore made?

What other presidents would you include in Mt. Rushmore if you could add them?

Teaching Tips:

Why did france give to the United States this big statue?

The Statue of Liberty faces out across the harbor, not inward toward New York City. Why?

when and why did the United States welcome so many immigrants?

Teaching Tips:

What is an obelisk?

Why are there n buildings on the grounds around the Washington Monument?

What has been challenging about building and maintaining the Washington Monument?

Teaching Tips:

What is the Smithsonian institution?

How is Washington, D.C. laid out? Why is it laid out the way it is?

How does Washington, D.C, with its many museums and monuments, compare to the capital cities of other countries?

Teaching Tips:

Why is the monument in the shape of an arch?

What was St. Louis like when the Arch was built? What's it like today?

How does the center par t of the arch stay up? Why doesn't it collapse?