Course: VR Expeditions
Google Expedition - Human Anatomy-Respiratory System

  • 5-5 grade
  • Beginner

Lesson Description:

This lesson is about the respiratory system it is part of the human anatomy. It has 6 scenes as follow: 
Scene 1: Lungs
Scene 2: The respiratory system
Scene 3: Air exchange 
Scene 4: The trachea
Scene 5: Inside the lungs
Scene 6: Smoking and your lungs

image description

Lesson Modules

Teaching Tips:

What do lungs do? How many do we have?

Explain the function of the lungs. What might you compare lungs to?

What function do lungs perform? How are the two lungs different than one another?

Teaching Tips:

Name 3 parts of the respiratory system.

What are the bronchi lined with and why?

Name the parts of the respiratory system. How do they work together?

Teaching Tips:

How do the heart and lungs work together?

Explain how blood gets to the lungs and waht happens there, Name at least 2 important parts of lungs.

How does the circulatory system interact with the respiratory system?

Teaching Tips:

Where does the trachea begin and where does it lead to?

Describe the trachea in detail including how long it is and what it is made of.

What is the epiglottis and what does it do?

Teaching Tips:

Describe what the inside of a lung looks like.

What are alveoli?

Describe in detail what alveoli look like and what they do.

Teaching Tips:

What does smoking do to the lungs?

Why dies smoking turn the lungs black?

List and explain 3 effects of smoking on the lungs.