Course: VR Expeditions
Google Expedition - Fly with NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter

  • 5-5 grade
  • Beginner

Lesson Description:

This lesson has 4 scenes in which we will explore Jupiter. Scenes are following: 
Scene 1: Juno on the Way to Jupiter
Scene 2: Soaring over Jupiter
Scene 3: Juno in regular and X-ray vision
Scene 4: A look inside the Juno Spacecraft

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Lesson Modules

Teaching Tips:

How long did it take for Juno to travel from Earth to Jupiter

Does Jupiter have a solid surface

Can you name two objects that orbit the sun?

Teaching Tips:

What is the name of Jupiter's biggest storm?

What is one thing that Juno is the "first-ever" spacecraft to do?

What are two things that Juno is studying at Jupiter?

Teaching Tips:

What is solar power ?

How does Juno talk to Earth ?

How does Juno protect itself from Jupiter's radiation?

Teaching Tips:

Name one of Juno's special Lego passengers

Where are Juno's most sensitive electronics located?

How did Juno go into orbit around Jupiter