Course: VR Expeditions
Google Expedition - Field trip Hispanic historic sites in the United S

  • 6-6 grade
  • Beginner

Lesson Description:

This lesson takes you to Hispanic historic sites in the US, it has 8 scenes:
Scene 1: New Mexico: Palace of the governors, Santa Fe
Scene 2: New Mexico: Old town, Albuquerque
Scene 3: San Antonio, Texas: San Juan Capistrano
Scene 4: San Antonio, Texas: The Alamo
Scene 5: St. Augustine, Florida: Castillo de San Marcos
Scene 6: Miami: Freedom tower
Scene 7: Los Angeles, California: El Pueblo de Los Angeles
Scene 8: Santa Clara, California: Santa Clara Mission 

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Lesson Modules

Teaching Tips:

Why do Native Americans sell handicrafts at the Palace of the Governor?

What is the Palace of the Governors known for?

Why do you think adobe buildings are so popular in Santa Fe?

Teaching Tips:

San Felipe de Neri is the oldest church in Albuquerque. When was it built?

What parts of the paza do you see that Spanish colonists would have built in any city they settled?

Why do you think the wall of San Felipe de Neri church are five feet thick?

Teaching Tips:

What parts of the mission did the missionaries lived in?

Which of the four San Antonio missions has a church that is still active?

Why do you think that the last church was never finished?

Teaching Tips:

How did the Alamo get its name?

What is the Alamo's claim to fame?

Several malls and theme pars in texas and other states are called Six Flags. Why do you think this is so?

Teaching Tips:

how many nations used the fort for the military operations?

What features made the fort so secure?

What advantages and disadvantages do brinze cannons have over iron in Florida?

Teaching Tips:

What historical event is tied to the name " Freedom Tower"?

Which architectural monument is the Freedom Tower modeled after, and how are they similar?

Miami is a modern city with many skycrapers. How does this building stand out as a symbol of Hispanic heritage?

Teaching Tips:

how many Hispanics live in Los Angeles county?

What Hispanic cultural elements do you see depicted in the panorama?

Why is Olvera street important to the Latino population?

Teaching Tips:

how do people know that they are traveling along the old Camino real de California?

Why do bells ring every night at Santa Clara Mission?

How is santa Clara University special?