Course: Introduction to Dobot
Lesson 5: Conveyor Belt Attachment

  • 9-12 grade
  • Beginner

Lesson Description:

Learn to use the conveyor belt attachment for Dobot, and write code to control it.

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Lesson Modules

Teaching Tips:

Conveyor Belt

Your conveyor belt kit comes with:

  1. Conveyor belt
  2. Photoelectric switch
  3. Color sensor
  4. Wood blocks

Make these connections:

Photoelectric sensor to GP2

Color sensor to Communication Interface

Conveyor motor to STEPPER 1


Position Dobot in front of the conveyor belt so it can reach objects on the belt.

An easy way to determine Dobot's range of motion in relation to your conveyor belt is to move it using the Mouse app.

Teaching Tips:

Color Sort Demo program

#1  Click the link to download the program.

#2  Go to C:\Program Files\DobotStudio and save your new file there.

#3  Open the file from the menu in DobotStudio Blockly.


These blocks control most of the conveyor belt functionality:



Set the motor the conveyer will use and the speed it will move in mm/s.


Set the motor the conveyer will use and the speed it will move in pulse/s.



Turn the photo sensor on/off, tell the program what port the sensor is plugged into.



Get the value from the Photoelectric Sensor.



Turn color sensor on/off, tell the program what port the color sensor is plugged into.



Identify a color that has been presented to the sensor. The sensor can recognise red and blue. (green can be recognised but lighting  heavily affect the accuracy for this color).

All the other blocks are located in the Additional tab:

Here is a Blockly program to help you learn about the functionality of the conveyor belt:

Teaching Tips:

General Troubleshooting:

Ensure that your Dobot is:

  • Plugged into power
  • Powered on
  • Connected to your computer via USB
  • Connected via DobotStudio

Check the firmware in the Settings menu, and make sure it matches the task you are trying to complete.

If your Dobot is not moving as you expected, press the Home button and allow it to recalibrate.

Conveyor belt Troubleshooting:

Everything is plugged in but the conveyor belt won't move.

  • Make sure the STEPPER motor you reference in your code is the same one you are plugged into on Dobot.