Course: Programming with CoDrone Lite
6-Flight Events with CoDrone Lite

  • 4-7 grade
  • Beginner

Lesson Description:

Students will finally be able to fly their drones! However, they will need to understand how a drone is able to fly in order to use the right commands in their programming. This lesson will go over takeoff and landing.

Objective: Explain how a drone takes off, flies, and lands. Create and run a program in Snap so a drone can take off, hover, and land. Create and run a program in Snap that has a drone do pushups using loops.

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Lesson Modules

Teaching Tips:

  • CoDrones are quadcopters, which are based on (much larger) helicopters. Demonstrate the CoDrone taking off and landing, and then have students read the article below. How are a helicopter, and the CoDrone, able to take off, hover, and land? Have students explore Snap together and ask what menus and blocks they think they will need to have their CoDrone perform these tasks.

         Article: What is a Helicopter?

How are a helicopter, and the CoDrone, able to take off, hover, and land?

Teaching Tips:

  • If students are having problems, they need to talk to classmates before asking the teacher!

  • Ask students to use pseudocode to explain to a partner how they got their drone to take off, hover, and land in Snap using both their own words and the appropriate academic language.


Challenge: CoDrone pushups

Try to make your CoDrone take off and land 5 times in a row with one code! Currently your CoDrone can do one pushup with the code you have.


  1. The CoDrone must completely leave the ground on takeoff.
  2. The CoDrone must be completely back on the ground on landing.

See who can do the most CoDrone pushups in 10 seconds OR who can use the least amount of blocks in their code!

Teaching Tips:

Sample code

If the students are not sure how to start, this sample code for the CoDrone's flight and for the kill switch is a good place. You can always change the numbers and flight movement blocks once you see how your CoDrone flies! Remember that there is no "a right way" to do this challenge, let their creativity decides!

For the Pin Point mission, you need to have your CoDrone take off and land on a specific point. It seems easy, but it might be harder than it sounds. Good luck!

In the Pin Point mission, you will need to autonomously program your CoDrone to navigate from one starting spot to one landing zone. This mission is based on timing, so you might have to go back and modify your code if your CoDrone doesn't land exactly where it need to.

The one control you are allowed to have: a button to trigger your CoDrone's landing!

Teaching Tips:

Scientifically, how is your CoDrone able to take off?

Explain your flight event program using pseudocode.

Did you have any problems running your code or using your drone? If so, what did you do to fix them? Screen reader support enabled.